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Jungle Project Kira
Kira was in her hotel room, drinking a martini, and enjoying her night.

It's been a few weeks since the attack, and she was in a new hotel in Baghad. She had a security detail out of her hotel room, but many joked the security was not to protect her, but anyone who was foolish enough to try to attack her. She finished her martini, and went to bed. She had no idea that something was in her martini, that made her fall asleep. without a chance to awaken. A man entered the room, who had a sword, and 4 dead men behind him. He dragged Kira out of the hotel, and into a van.

Kira woke up eventually, tied up and found she was in a small room. A few men, almost all naked except with thongs and masks, surrounded her. They had spears, when one of the men came out. He was elderly, and looked at Kira, who was in a dress from last night. Kira was angry, and scowled.

"Do you know who I am? I am a very rich, and VERY powerful woman."

"Yes, it's WHY we kidnapped you. When we heard about the Baghad hotel massacre, I knew we had to have you. A woman of your skill? You can breed some of our strongest warriors!"


"We are a tribe of warriors, out to kill all and one day become kings of this country once again! With your warrior heart and soul, you will breed many strong warriors. It's a shame your body will go to ruin, we could have used you. But you are better a breeding pit, then a warrior."

Kira wanted to kill the old man, but knew the men would kill her. She was lifted up by one of the men, and lead outside. There, over a hundred people, men, women, elderly, and children surrounded her in a large circle. It was normal plains, with a forest close. The circle got bigger, so one man could enter into it. He was the biggest man Kira ever saw. He was muscular, large, and looked terrifying with the scars on him. He also had a tiger mask, which looked real. Kira was untied, and pushed to fight him. The chief spoke up.

"This is Mongo. He is the tribes greatest warrior in the past 500 years! He has killed a tiger with his bare hands! Many of the strongest children come from him. You see, in our culture, to have a child the man must beat the woman. Knowing of your skills, you may be the first woman to ever give Mongo difficulty. But the outcome is inevitable. You will be raped by Mongo, and soon give birth to a fighter who will surpass even Mongo! Then, Mongo will rape you again and again. When you give us enough children as you can, we shall make you tell our warriors how a woman with no skill is able to kill so many powerful men. With Mongo's body, and your ferocious natural skills, one child alone can kill an army, BUT AN ARMY OF THEM WILL RULE THE WORLD!"

All the men cheered, while the women looked broken. Kira was done being angry for herself. She was now angry for EVERY woman here. Mongo cracked his knuckles, and eyed Kira.

"I shall enjoy raping you, woman."

"I shall enjoy KILLING you, man."

It was a bluff. She had no idea how to defeat Mongo. The man could have killed even the strongest of men with ease. She stood no chance! But she put her fists up anyway. She had to find a way, somehow. Mongo charged, and Kira saw unlike the man from Baghad, Mongo was slow. That could work. He went for a punch but she ducked and struck Mongo with an uppercut. Mongo was unharmed, and grabbed Kira. She was lifted up with one hand, and Mongo stared into her eyes. He grinned under his mask, and with one hand, went to her dress.

Kira did see his eyes was open, so she spit in his eyes. He let her go to hold his eyes, and she struck him in the crotch. He went to his knees, holding his crotch with one hand, and trying to strike Kira with the other. She backtracked from there, and roundhouse kicked Mongo in the head. Mongo was hit, but got up. He tried to slam Kira with his fist, but Kira dodged it and kicked at his knees. His large size meant his knees was weak, so he fell.

Many of the men were surprised, but the women were most. Opposing the men seemed suicidal, and here was this one woman, defeating Mongo in combat! Mongo roared, and leaped at Kira. He was on top of Kira, and Kira was terrified. This was it! She was going to be raped! She then saw a patch of sand, and grabbed it. She flung it at Mongo's face, and he coughed, letting loose. Kira used her legs to kick him away from her, and when he hit the floor, Kira's highheels came loose. She cursed herself... When she had an idea! She grabbed the highheel, and stabbed Mongo in the eye with the stiletto. Mongo screamed in agony, with Kira happy. She positioned her legs around Mongo's neck, and began to squeeze. Mongo was roaring, and tried to stop her legs. But her legs were incredibly powerful. She was squeezing harder then she ever did.

Mongo was, for the first time he ever could, scared. He slammed against her legs, but he was starting to lose breath. That's when Mongo burst into tears, and began to whimper.

"Mer... Mercy!"

Kira almost considered it, but then remembered what the chief said. She only tightened her hold, and screamed.


With all her strength, she placed enough pressure until everyone heard a loud SNAP! She broke his neck, and killed him. Kira stood up, and looked behind herself. She saw the corpse of Mongo, this tribes greatest warrior, and grinned. It was actually easy in a way. All the women cheered, and the men nearly all cried. They had lost Mongo, and not to a powerful beast, but to a woman! The chief yelled.


One man came behind her and hit her with a club, knocking her out. When Kira awoke, she found somethings changed. She was tied up again, wearing her same clothes but dirtied up. She was furious it, when she saw the chief looking down at her and snarling.

"You... BITCH! You killed Mongo, our greatest warrior! For that, we're changing things up. When I gather every warrior, every man in this village will rape you. You will be punished for your sin of destroying the future of our tribe!"

Kira was ready to just growl, but then smirked instead.

"You know, knowing dear Mongo, our children probably wouldn't have been so strong with a weakling like him as a father."

The tribe leader roared, and hit the wall. He walked away, planning to be first for the rape. Kira knew she had to escape, and seeing as how none of the men were inside, she had her plan. She broke her wrist, which while painful, allowed her to escape the binds around her hands and then was able to free her legs. She stood up, and went to healing her wrist when two men walked in. They saw Kira, and one of them rushed at her while the other was going to yell. Kira threw the rope around the screamers neck, and pulled, strangling him and throwing him down. The other tackled Kira, but she was able to roll away from him.

She had the man fall on the floor, and used the roped up man to slam into the other. The two were knocked out, but she used the other rope to tie up the other man's throat, and stood up. She put her feet on their chests, and pulled up the ropes, snapping their necks with the sudden jerking force. She searched the two men's bodies, and find something amazing. A cigarette and a lighter on one, the other had a long hunting knife. Kira grinned, and snuck out of the tent. She saw one of the women and she saw her. Kira panicked, and knew if the woman said anything, she would be attacked by the men and die. The woman saw Kira, and from her pocket, grabbed a knife she used for cooking... And handed it to Kira.

"Please... I have no strength. Kill them for me. For the women. Leave the children alone. The men who don't bare any weapons are servants, and suffer almost as much as us, so leave them alone. It's the Warriors. They must ALL die."

"Of course."

One of the men came upon the two, and saw Kira. He was amazed, and went to his pocket. Before Kira attacked... He handed her an apple.

"Take this. You need energy."

Kira smiled, and took the apple. The man looked sad, and punched the wall.

"I am ashamed I have no strength or bravery to help you mam."

"Don't be. I want you two to gather all the other women, servants, and children to one spot. When you do, leave a sign like a flag on the door so I know."


"You'll find out."

Kira escaped from the village, sneaking past any of the Warriors. She was going to kill them all, but attacking them in the village was suicidal. She went to the forest, and cracked her neck. In a few hours, all the Warriors in the village were spread out in the forest, looking for her. After almost all but a few left, everyone else gathered in one building leaving the man's shirt. He and the woman hoped Kira would be safe. One of the Warriors, who didn't believe in grouping up, searched the forest with his spear in hand. He was going to capture her, and he will be the one to become the new greatest warrior. The chief said whoever killed her will be the greatest warrior. Whoever captured her can make her their personal sex slave. The man decided he wanted a sex slave, after seeing her in the fight.

What he saw was an apple core, and bent down to check it, when he was stabbed in the back from a well hidden Kira, who hid up in the trees. She had slayed him, and grabbed his spear. She light up a cigarette, and went to smoking, putting her foot on top of the man. She knew a warrior would find it. She hoped he did.

Two Warriors saw the smoke from her, and they charged towards the spot. When they got there, all they saw was a dead man, and a cigarette on top of him. They cursed themselves for being fooled by a distraction, when from the bushes she struck. She speared one of the men in the back and grabbed a knife from her pocket and stabbed the second man in the eye. She killed them both in an instant, and took what she needed.

A spear, a knife, and she even grabbed the cigarette, and went back to smoking. She knew killing every man in the forest was impossible, so she planted a few traps. One of the men walking through the forest stepped on some leaves and then felt he was thrown up by a piece of rope Kira had stolen. He would have easily detected the trap had he not underestimated Kira's intelligence. He would have also detected the dart she had built jury rigged by the rope that fired a small knife at him, killing him in an instant. Kira escaped through the woods again, hiding behind the trees, and sneaking through the bushes. She saw three Warriors near a bush, with two peeing and one checking watch.

"Hurry up you fools. You know what the chief said. She nearly killed 20 men, and she killed our greatest warrior!"

"Like she'll attack us right now."


Kira sprang from the bush, shoving her spear through the watcher. The two men peeing turned around, and Kira did a split, and punched them in the balls. They fell over, holding their crotches and in immense pain. She used her knife to slit their throats. She somewhat hated how good she was at killing, but was glad she was good at times like these. Unaware to her, one of the men leaped from the trees, and nearly struck her with his own spear. Thankfully, Kira was bent down, and just dodged by a hair. She was frightened, and turned around to be kicked in the gut. The warrior, angry he missed, went at the offensive. Kira was knocked off balance, barely able to catch up with his attacks. He kicked her so hard she hit the tree, and when he charged, he was ready to kill her with a throat punch. 

He would have as well, had Kira not threw the cigarette at the man. It hit him in the eye, and he was unaware of what he was seeing. He crashed headfirst into a boulder with his skull, shattering his skull and killing him. Kira fell to her knees, and was breathing hard. She almost died. These guys were Warriors after all, better then the island drunks and the cocky terrorist. These men knew how to kill, and she finally knew she was lucky. She only beat Mongo because she was a woman. If she was a man, with equal skill and personality, Mongo would have killed him in an instant. 

In a straight up hand to hand fight, Kira knew she stood no chance, and could only win with tricks. That man just proved it. She stood back up, and fixed herself up. She was tired, and knew she had to be smart. She snuck around again, and saw what she needed. The lake. She had placed many of her traps in the lake, and had to gather the men. So she jumped in the lake, doing a cannon ball. It caused a large crash so many men heard it, and ran towards it. Many men came to the lake, ready to kill her. At the time, 3 men followed to the lake, and saw the lake. They waited for backup, not wanting to be killed. When 2 more men came, the first 3 jumped in, with the two keeping watch. The three searched the lake swimming through it, not noticing the traps.

The traps were everywhere. They were rocks. Kira grabbed one of the rocks, and hiding in the water, slammed one of the swimming men in the skull with a rock. It killed him in an instant, and she let it go, swimming. Because of the lack of sound, she killed the men by hiding in the lake and hitting them with rocks. She was amazing at holding her breathe. She got out of the lake, and saw one of the men looking at the forest. Being behind, she grabbed his head, and snapped his neck with incredible ease.

She found the other man, and went behind him, and struck him in the head with a rock. She killed him alongside the other. She went back to swimming when she heard men.

Roughly another 5 men came in, and saw the bloated corps in the lake and alongside the lake. The men were enraged, and leaped in the water, holding their spears and ready to kill her. 

When they hit the water, they were attacked. Kira was ready in wait, holding a knife in one hand, and a spear on the other. She speared one of the men in the gut, and stabbed another in the gut. The other 3 attacked Kira with their own spears, but she was too quick. Kira knew how to swim, and was far faster then the three men. They tried to catch up, but by the time they got to the opposite side of the lake, Kira was gone.

They were enraged, and when trying to leave the lake, a rock from a tree hit one of the men. It killed him on impact, and Kira jumped from the tree, with a knife in one hand. She threw it at one of the men, instantly killing him when it struck between his eyes. Kira was now faced with one of the men, who was ready to slay her. 

"You will die at my hands woman!"

"Lots of men tried. All of them dead."

The man charged right at her... And stepped on a bunch of leaves that hid a sharp rock. It punctured his foot and he fell, screaming and holding his bloody foot. Kira grabbed the spear, and struck him.

She had killed him, but she was now wet. Would be harder to move now. But still, many men were dead. That was good... Till she saw a man in front of her... And heard a man behind her. She saw the two had swords, and they made sure she couldn't run. One began to scream.


The other though, licked his lips and chuckled.

"You will now be ours. We are willing to share you. You've gotten far, but now you either submit or die!"

Kira knew she stood no chance in fair combat against one, no less two. Too bad it wasn't fair combat. So she dropped the spear, and put her hands up for surrender. The two men grinned, and walked towards her. Little did they know she slipped out of her shoes while they were taunting her, so with her toes, she grabbed the spear and pushed it at one of the men's legs. It hit and he screamed. The other was about to attack when Kira turned around, grabbed a knife from the inside of the back of her dress, and stabbed him. He died, and she grabbed the sword, and struck down the other man. She had no knives left, and had no time to grab one, so she ran with the sword in hand. She ran across the forest, when she heard arguing behind her. They were arguing whatever it was really worth it.

She hoped they'd give up. Then one of them said this.

"Whoever gets her also gets my sister."

This caused the arguing to stop... And they all went at her. She heard roughly 8 men... And knew even her best tricks would kill maybe 3. 4 if she was lucky. But 5 would kill her, and 8... Would capture her. She had to escape, somehow. She found her way. It was a small little hole in the ground, and she jumped in. She grabbed a bunch of leaves and threw them on top of her, and she stopped breathing. The men ran past her, not even breaking. She knew they won't be fooled for long, so when they were out of sight, she got out and ran. She had to get to the lake. Unfortunately, one of the men saw the ground stopped being wet, so he ran back, and the others followed. They were not as dumb as the others.

Kira went to the lake, but saw two men. They saw her, and screamed.


Kira couldn't run back, and she couldn't go in the lake. She was going to die! So Kira did what she had to do. When the men surrounded her, she dropped her sword. One of the men pointed his spear, and snarled.

"Hah, liked we believe you would surrender. Even our dumbest warriors wouldn't fall for that!"

So Kira did something extra. She went to the zipper on her back, and took it off. She was in her lingerie, and noticed the men were now sprouting spears from a new place.

"Don't worry boys... I surrender absolutely."

She then took her lingerie off, and even the smartest of the men was drooling. Kira grinned, struck a model pose, and did her best awarding smile.

"So boys... Who wants to fuck me first?"

All the men stepped forward... And eyed each other. They wanted her first. They DIDN'T want sloppy seconds. So one of the men stabbed his friend in the gut. The rest followed, butchering each other with extreme skill. They were cutting, slashing, and clawing at each other. Eventually, after the whirlwind of blood and fury, only one stood. He was hurt, but he cheered for he was victorious! He was the greatest warrior in his tribe now! Until Kira used the sword she had to stab him in the chest, killing him.

"Oops, I forgot to say one thing. Psych."

He fell over, and Kira went to putting her clothes back on. She finished it up, and when she went too grab the weapons, she considered how many men she killed. Counting Mongo, she has killed 33 men. She had no idea how many remained, but she knew she had more dead men then alive men. She went across the woods, and found 2 men, both very nervous and shaking. They were terrified. They were terrified of her.

"How can she be doing this? What kind of woman is this? Who is she?"

She heard them, and was smiling. She had them scared. REAL scared. She grabbed a rock, and threw it at a bush. When it made a noise, the two men panicked and looked at the bush. She charged at them, swinging with her sword. She cut one man down with it, and slit the throat of the other. She was doing good, and she can tell moral was sinking more and more with every man she kills, and her own moral increases more and more. She had plans for the village, and decided to head there.

At the village, the remaining Warriors were all stomping around the village, getting angrier and angrier that she hasn't been captured or killed yet. One of the Warriors decided to get his rage out by grabbing a woman from the house. The man, angry at his own cowardice, charged at him. The warrior saw him, and kicked him in the chest. The man fell, and the warrior lifted his sword, snarling.

"You are not a man! The second you all refused to rape these women, it's the second I knew we should have killed you! You're lucky we only only made you slaves. Well, we don't need too many slaves. No one will miss you!"

He was about to chop up the man, when he was stabbed in the back. Kira took her blade out, and kicked him down. She saw everyone, and grinned.

"Good job guys. Now, this place will be safe. But when you see shit going down, run. Trust me."

She went out of the building, sword in hand. The men were gathered with the elder, and were arguing.

"Elder, the second you kidnapped that woman, the tribe has faced more difficulty then the past 500 years of turmoil! We have suffered with the death of Mongo, over a dozen of our men, and god knows how many more! For all we know, she killed every man searching for her!"

"Impossible! I know this woman. She will never be able to defeat them, and even, and I do mean EVEN, she does... She can't beat us all!"

He was right. She couldn't beat them all. But she could kill them all. She went to the nearest building, and got her one trap she set in the village. Dry wood she placed near a hut. She got the lighter, and used the one piece of rope she had left. She set the rope on fire, and had it on the wood. The wood did the same, and began to burn the building alongside it. Kira waited, and held her sword, and put a bandanna on from a ripped piece of the flag. 

The smoke went to the men, and eventually, the village began to burn down. The people escaped when they saw her burning the village, and the smoke was smoking out of the Warriors. They went to escaping when two men were hit with knives. The others didn't notice, and were running towards Kira without knowing. She struck one of them down with her sword, and then another. 10 men remained, and one of them saw Kira, and charged at her. Kira saw him, and she ran towards him. She did a leaping kick, smacking the man in the chest, being sent flying to a burning house.

He was set ablaze, and was burning to death. She went inside the smoke and saw one man choking in it. She stopped his choking with a snap of his neck. She went across the smoke and saw some of the men escaped. She charged at them, and struck one down, and stabbed the other. The other saw her, and began to attack. He easily was attacking her blade, and was ready to cause it to go flying, when Kira lit her lighter, and threw it at his eye. It hit and he screamed when the flame hit him.

He fell down, and she slit his throat with the sword. She then saw the elder escaping with 4 guards. Kira grabbed the knives from the dead man, and expertly threw them. They struck all but the elder and one of his guards. The elder and the guard saw her, and Kira walked towards him, with her blade. She knew she stood no chance against him because she had no tricks. The guard saw her, and looked around.

"Where is everybody?"

"I killed them all."


The guard dropped his spear and went running away, when he was struck in the back with the sword being thrown. She has killed all but one... The elder. The elder was shaking, and when Kira took a step, he went to his knees, sobbing and putting his hands up.


Kira went to him, and grabbed his head, and smiled. The elder was actually almost happy... When she grabbed his head with another arm, and snapped his neck. But she wasn't done. She then twisted harder and harder, and positioning her body, she grabbed the sword and began to saw into the neck.

She lifted up the elder head, and in the fire of the village, let out a blood curdling scream of victory. 

Eventually the village was found by government officials, who saved them and they found Kira, wielding a sword and carrying a head. When she saw the soldiers, she grinned, and did a soccer kick on the head sending it flying. She walked towards her car, and winked at the government official.

"Just keeping the sword. You know... For a souvenir."

She went to the car, and enjoyed a slow car ride back to the hotel... Even more feared then before.

Kira 2 (Project Baghdad hotel)
Kira was in Iraq, having set up a business meeting about oil. While in her personal hotel room, waiting for the meeting, she heard a knock on the door. She opened it to see a rough and tough man holding a knife. He snarled looking at her, and walked inside the room.

"You bitch, pretending to be a man. You should be below me, not above me. You shall face your punishment!"

He charged at Kira with his knife. Kira dodged it, and slapped him. He was hurt, but went in. What he didn't know, was the slap was to distract from her grabbing a lamp, and hitting him with it, knocking him out. She was unprepared for the attack, but after the island she knew she could fight. She saw two more men, both with knives come in, and charge her. She grabbed the fallen man's knife, and threw it at the chest of one of the men. It struck, killing him. The other tackled Kira, knocking her down. He was about to stab her when she kicked his chest, and threw him high in the air. He crashed outside the window, hitting the floor and dying. Kira looked outside to see 3 cars, with 10 men outside. They pointed at her, and two men with automatic weapon opened fire on her. She ducked, just barely dodging the fire. 

She crawled out of her apartment room, and tried to call for help, but saw the lines were not open, because the men cut the phone lines to the police, so no one was able to call for them. That was when she saw a man in the end of the hallway... With a large man. He was a giant, with him barely fitting in the hallway, and looked like he could kill her with ease. The man screamed, and charged right at her. He was large, ferocious, and most importantly, fast! Kira got up and went running. She had to outrun the man, which she knew was impossible. She just had to jump out the window on the end of the hall, and escape on the rooftops. The man was incredibly close to catching her, but she jumped out of the window, and jumped to a building practically inches close to the hotel. She did hurt her leg, but the adrenaline forced her to run. But on the end of the rooftop, was a man with a baseball bat.

They came prepared, ready to kill her on all ends. She didn't stop running though, charging at the man. He went for a swing, when she went to the floor skidding, kicking him in his knee. She knocked him down, and snatched his bat. Before he could rise, she struck him in the skull as hard as she could with the metal bat, cracking his skull. She was on the rooftop, and saw no way to jump, so she had to go down.

She went down a flight of stairs close to her, to find one man on the stairs, holding a gun. He pointed it at her, so she threw the baseball bat at him. It hit him, and he fell off the railings of the stairs, falling to his death. She heard yelling, and knew the men were in the building. She had to escape before they got her. She went downstairs, and went to trying to find a door. When she did, she was about to open it, but remembered the island.

So she opened it, but she was behind the door. A man sent a punch at the open door, but because she wasn't there she wasn't hit. She slammed the door in his face, and opened it back up to see he was on the floor. He wasn't knocked out, so she was forced to be brutal. So she went down and began to strangle the man. He was conscious, and grabbed her. He was trying to remove her arms, and was succeededing. Her arms were FAR weaker then her legs it seemed, so she had to think of something before he won. She saw he had a knife in his pants, so with quick skill, she released her hold and grabbed the knife. Before the man knew what was up, she slit his throat.

He died, and Kira was feeling fatigue. Unlike the island, the men were drunk, didn't know she was coming, and she had a plan. This time, she was caught by surprise and knew if the men found their dead brothers, they'd be smarter. They underestimated her, but the second they stopped, she would be dead. She had to be fast! She retreated through the building, and hid in the building. All of the men entered the building, and searched for her. She planned to kill as many as she could before escaping. She saw one of the men who had an automatic gun searching for her in the halls, while she hid in a corner. He walked near her and she waited for him to walk to the opposite side.

When he did, she went behind him, and immediately slit his throat.

She went to grab his gun, when she saw a man in the end of the hall. He charged at her, and she knew she couldn't grab the gun in time, so she attacked. She charged at him with her knife, and stabbed him. But before she could kill him, he screamed as loud as he could, and when she killed him by twisting the knife, she heard people charging. She could have grabbed the gun, but that would get her killed when the other men gunned her down. She retreated, and hid yet again. A few of the men surrounded the dead guy, and she knew hiding from them would be impossible in do time. She had to escape, fast. In hiding, she even saw the big strong man stomping through the building.

She knew he was the last one. He would have to be the last. If she tries to kill him, it may take too long and another guy can jump her and kill her. She went through the building and saw one of the men, away from everyone and smoking.

"Fuckin Bitch, wonder why the boss radioed us to be extra cautious. It's just some slut whore who fucked her boss for money. 'Dangerous' my ass. I bet she was here, I'd beat her ass real good."

With one quick motion, she grabbed his head, and snapped it perfectly, killing him in an instant.

Probably the weakest guy of the group. She saw no weapons on his person, but took the lighter anyway. May need it. This time she was kicked. One of the men found her, and attacked. She hit the floor, injured, and the man was on top of her, attacking her with his fist. Kira blocked them with her arm, but she knew he would break her arm eventually. She lit the lighter, and threw it at his eye. He screamed when it hit his eye, causing him to burn. She put her legs around his neck, and twisted her body, snapping his neck. She killed him, but when she got up, she felt her arm was bruised. She saw the man himself had no weapon, but his radio was on.

"We found another body. Men, group up! Teams of 3! Find the nearest man and join up. I don't care if she is a woman, she is killing us!"

She heard the man's voice tremble at the killing us part. In a way, she smirked. It was a confidence booster to know the enemy commander is terrified of her.

She went across the building, and saw outside from a window. 5 men outside, with one with a machine gun. She had to even the odds, now! She snuck out the window and sneaked around. She saw the radio commander talking to another man.

"I can't believe it, I expected her to die in that apartment! But yet she kills 7 of us! What kind of woman is this?! I thought she was just some rich bitch, not fucking Rambo! WHY ISN'T SHE AFRAID OF US?!"

She snuck behind the machine gun toting man, and kicked his legs out with her feet. When he fell, she grabbed his machine gun, got up, and stomped on his head. She aimed at the 4 men, and opened fire. She was not skilled with guns, but she was able to hit the four men after opening fire. She killed the four men, but unfortunately, she wasted all her ammunition. She looked at the men, and smirked.

"I am not afraid of you... I am a woman."

She walked away, holding onto the machine gun. She knew she could escape. But she also knew these men would probably either attack her again and kill her this time, or she could stop these men from killing any unfortunate women less skilled then herself. She went back inside. One of the men, who didn't have a gun, saw her. He freaked when she saw her, and her machine gun.


"Easy. I'm better then you."

She aimed the gun, and he raised his hands. She walked towards him, and smirked. She pulled the trigger, and when he saw she was out, she used it as a bat to smack him aside. She went to clubbing him, killing the man. She dropped the broken gun, and went inside. 5 men remained. She snuck around and saw 4 of the men inside the building, all checking around. One of the men checked his radio, and he was sweating. All of the men were shaking, and one spoke up.

"Hey... Why isn't he speaking up?"

"Must be an error!"

"What if she got them?!"

"Bullshit, she can't kill us! We are gods warriors! We have killed US soldiers! We can kill one woman!"

"But you know if she kills us, we get no virgins! I saw the body of one of my friends! She isn't human, she is the devil!"

That gave Kira an idea. She turned on the radio, and spoke.


The men panicked. The one with the gun opened fire at the radio, destroying it. One of them jumped away, afraid. Another ran away, and the last one stood in place, pissing himself. The men were morally broken, and that's when Kira struck. She leaped at the gun man, and struck him in the throat. Before he could retaliate, holding his throat, she backhanded him to the floor and kicked his gun away. The man who pissed himself was attacked by her, where she attacked him with her entire body. She smothered him with her crotch, killing him with how she tightened her legs, shattering his skull. The man who hid tried to run, but she fired the gun at him, killing the man. She found the gun had no ammo, but planned to use it as a club. One of the men was in the corner, terrified and when he saw her, began to pray.

"Please Allah, save me! SAVE ME!"

Kira didn't plan to kill a man praying, so she just knocked him out with the club. She did notice though the man had knives. Not one knife. Lots of knives. She grabbed every one, and snuck around the building. The last man was there, and he was looking around. He began to speak.

"I heard the gun fire. I know you won. I saw your kills. You are a rank amateur. No skills. Yet you are talented. You are like death on two legs. I am glad I am not killing some whore, but a warrior. I shall enjoy making you suffer."

Kira had to kill him, fast! She threw a knife, but the man caught it. He then caught another knife, and charged at Kira. She threw knives and while they struck him, he ignored them. He went at her, ready to strike. Kira dodged an attack, and kicked him in the chest. He was unhurt, and grabbed her. He put her to a bear hug, and went to shatter her body. She was being squeezed, and went to a headbutt. She hurt herself more then she did to him. That's when she knew what to do. She used her knee to hit him in the balls. His eyes crossed, and he let her go. He fell to his knees, holding his crotch, and trying hard not to cry.

Kira punched him in the face, sending him to the floor. She grabbed his legs, and lifted her leg. She was about to stomp, when she grinned.

"I shall enjoy making you suffer."

The large powerful warrior squeaked, and she shattered his testicles with her stomp. A large girlish scream erupted from him, sounding like a little girl. Eventually he vomited in pain, and she used a knife to plunge it into his heart. She then stomped on the knife, so to punctured his heart. He died, and she enjoyed it. She left the building, when she saw the police. They were there ready to save her, but were gobsmacked to see the woman. They were amazed she killed 5 men, not knowing of the other 15. One of the men gulped, and saluted Kira.

"Good job mam!"

Kira smiled, and walked away. This wasn't a Half bad vacation.
Kira was one of America's richest women. As an oil baron, she made more in one week then most make in a lifetime. She used her money to go to Hawaii, and had her three kids brought alongside with her. There she put on a custom bikini and grass skirt, and had many men half her age ogle her. She rather enjoyed the attention, still proving she was gorgeous. But suddenly one of the men came to her, and gave her a note. She looked to the note, and was enraged!

"We have your kids. We want 100 million or they die. Tell anyone, and we'll give you your kids... Without their heads."

Kira was enraged, and saw where to go. She went back to her room, and collected the money when she thought what would happen. Everyone would know to kidnap her kids if they wanted to get rich quick. She had to stand up for herself, like how she became rich! So without changing, she went out to where it was, all by herself. She saw the compound and saw who was there. Her three kids, all tied up and gagged, with men with guns and weapons. Roughly 12 men. They were all strong looking, but all but a few were drunk. She was gonna have to fight smart. She went across the woods and saw one of the men peeing, so she struck.

She had no idea how to fight, so she mearly used her feminine strength, agility, and wisdom. She struck the man in the back of the neck, and when he fell down, she followed up with grabbing his arm, and slammed him down. She cracked his arm, but his head was in his own piss so he couldn't scream. She went into snapping his neck, killing him. She would have worried, but the man threatened her children. In her opinon, they all deserved to die. She went out and saw four men resting by a fire. They were asleep, so Kira had to act fast. She saw the biggest man who looked less like a man and more like a mass of muscles, and did what she had to do. She jumped in the air and cannon balled his stomach.

The man's entire body shattered from impact of the medium sized woman delivering a powerful attack so hard it could break a tree. The man would die after it from so much pain. The three woke up from the sound, so Kira had to think fast. With a kick so hard it could break stone, she hit a man in the neck so hard it twisted his neck, snapping it. The third man stood up and swinged at Kira. He was barely awake when he attacked so he was slow. Kira dodged it and grabbed the man's arm, and flipped him onto the fire. He was being burned, and she stomped him in the neck, so he couldn't even move. He burned to death in the fire. The last man charged at her with him being awake. She turned around, and struck the man with an uppercut. He hit the floor, and she had to kill him. So she put her legs around his neck, and snapped it. Already, a few men were dead.

She snuck around and saw two men at the door. They were drinking, so she knew what to do. When one sat down the bottle, she grabbed it and struck the man. It knocked him out, and she karate chopped the next man. He was hit so hard in the neck, he fell down. She went inside, when one man punched her. He was checking on the door, and nearly knocked her out. She hit the wall, but when the man grabbed her, she head butted him. He hit the floor, and she began to bash his heads out with his head, smacking him on the floor. So through the building, she saw two guards sleeping. She killed each one with her strangling them. Only two left.

She finally went to the main room where the 2 men held her kids hostage. One was incredibly ripped, and was lifting weights while looking at the kids. The other had a machine gun, pointed at the kids. She leaped at the gunner and drop kicked him. She. shattered the man's spine with ease, and then with cat like reflexes, she hit the man's neck, crushing his wind pipe. The last man rose, and was easily the strongest guy. He went to her and she did what she had to do. She did a cartwheel, and went at the man. She leaped at him, and hit him with a cartwheel kick. He was knocked down, and she put her legs around his body. With her amazing leg strength, she tightened as hard as she could. She was squeezing him, and he was unable to free himself. Her legs were too strong. Not even his powerful biceps could free himself. In one minute, he was unable to breath, and his body was horribly mangled. He spine snapped in two, and he died from his broken ribs puncturing his organs.

She stopped after a while, sweat covering her body. She rose up, fixed her bra, and saw her three children, safe and sound. She smiled, and went to help them. In less then 4 minutes, she had killed 12 deadly men. She was not to be messed with.



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